As of March 23rd, our office will be closed to clients and the general public. We will continue to provide all services to our valued clients in order to maintain project time-lines.


We encourage everyone to remain diligent during these times, exercise social distancing and above all else stay safe & healthy.


To do our part in the face of growing demand for commercial/retail/service industries to provide Plexiglas barriers for their staff and customers, we have set aside a large portion of our warehouse stock and re-purposed members of our fabrication team to construct custom order Plexiglas shields for businesses facing challenges securing this piece of safety equipment.


At this time we are accepting order requests, please follow the link below  to fill out the contact form.

One of our team members will be in touch shortly to assist you with your order.

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For over 30 years Nels Consulting has been a world-class research and development firm specializing in the design, construction and testing of fluid flow models; regarding air pollution control, power generation and all other industrial systems. We have earned a reputation for developing unique system solutions and we have the logistical capability to design, deliver, test, commission and implement these systems throughout the world.

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We provide a comprehensive range of engineering, laboratory, in-field testing and specialized fabrication services for efficiency improvements and system evaluations of utility and power generation facilities. As well as product development and optimization of process equipment for manufacturing industries.

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At Nels we excel at developing and testing unique systems to meet desired performance objectives. Through the use of both Physical and CFD modeling we are able to rapidly develop solutions from the initial conceptualization, to bench scaling, pilot level testing and the prototyping testing stages.

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